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Product Description:
A disc plough uses a concave disc to plow the soil. When the disc plough is pulled forward by the tractor, the disc rotates around its central axis, the soil is cut around the disc, and the ploughed soil rises along the concave surface of the rotating disc and turns to the side rear, leaving a furrow after tilling. The ploughing effect is the same as that of the plow, but the quality of the ploughing is not as good as that of the plow. When it is cultivated in green fertilizer field, grass root land, rocky land and sticky wetland, it has stronger cutting ability than hoe plow, good soilability, easy soil removal and not easy to block.

1. One-way disc plow: through performance, good soil performance, soil and cover quality can meet the requirements of agricultural production technology, and has the advantages of small tillage resistance and convenient operation adjustment.
2. Pipe plough: no entanglement, no blockage, no bauxite, ability to cut crop stalks and overcome brick and stone fragments, high work efficiency, good work quality, easy adjustment, sturdy and durable.
3. Hydraulic two-way disc plow: short ground stroke, high production efficiency, fuel saving and so on.
4. Water and dry disc plough: saving labor, efficient work and low cost.
5. Drive disc plow: save labor, work efficiently, and low cost.

Application :
The disc plow is matched with the three-point suspension of the tractor. During the operation, the plough rotates and the soil is ploughed. It is suitable for weeds in the mature land and wasteland in the dryland area. The stem is erect and the soil specific resistance is large. The ploughing operation of complex farmland such as masonry fragments in the soil.